500.000 visitors on Le Taurillon,
the Eurocitizen’s web magazine

The adventure continues...

, by Peter Matjašič

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500.000 visitors on Le Taurillon, the Eurocitizen's web magazine

This month Le Taurillon, JEF’s multilingual web magazine reaches out to more than half a million readers by exceeding the symbolic threshold of 500.000 visitors to the site. It is a formidable achievement for an online magazine run exclusively by volunteers, armed only with their federalist belief and European conviction.

A citizen’s webzine created after the negative referendum of 2005 in France

Le Taurillon was born in 2005 after the negative referendum on the Treaty drafting a Constitution for Europe in France. Members of Jeunes Européens – France , who were campaigning in favour of the Constitution, were faced by discussions taking place mainly online, but the different forums and blogs were dominated by the NO-side. Not wanting to leave the space to anti-Europeans, they decided to conquer the web by creating a site which marks their pro-European but nonetheless critical engagement. Notably, Taurillon is not simply a site in favour of Europe. It is a genuine tool complementary to critical reading on European issues. The various authors try to offer the public a point of view that is clear and committed, in one word federalist.

Four linguistic versions ensuring a balanced European view

Today, Le Taurillon consists of four different language versions (German with “Taurin”, English with “”, French with le “Taurillon” and Italian with “Eurobull”) with four different Editorial teams, thanks to the involvement in particular of JEF-Europe, JEF-France and JEF-Italy. This shared work enables the reader to have a multiple vision of the European topicality, while maintaining a critical stance.

This Eurocitizen’s web magazine is crowned with success by exceeding 500.000 visitors (with more than 1.000.000 of pages read). The frequency of the site reaches today a going rate of 35.000 to 50.000 people per month.

We invite you to come and discover it if you do not know it yet!

Image: the logo of Le Taurillon .

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