Lena Triumphs – Europe Wins

In 2010, the Eurovision Song Contest is finally a European affair.

, by translated by Lina Ohltmann, Vincent Venus

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Lena Triumphs – Europe Wins

Lena Meyer-Landruth won the 2010 contest, but Europe won too thanks to the brilliant mass choreography organised by the Norwegian television network. From Oslo to Vilnius, London, Hamburg and Iceland, thousands danced to Madcon’s song “Glow”. This campaign was unique in the history of the competition and the continent.

So this was it, the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 from Oslo. Everything was represented: corny ballads, rock and pop. With the latter, Lena was able to win over juries and audiences and secured the trophy for Germany for the first time since Nicole’s 1982 win with “Ein bisschen Frieden” (“A little peace”).

Much can be said about Lena’s performance on that night, but another story however, seems much more important. The programme was virtually blown apart by a seven minute long performance of the band Madcon and a breathtaking choreography of the masses. The Norwegian television had in the weeks prior to the competition transformed several big cities into dance floors and played these recordings during the show. The result made one’s flesh crawl. Never before had so many people, ages, ethnics and nations danced together. In between recordings of living rooms from across Europe were shown with families bouncing on sofas.

Never before had so many people, ages, ethnics and nations danced together.

This simple idea, to let various people dance to the same song, freed the competition somewhat from its national rivalling character. Though one could detect a single European flag in between the national flags at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest, maybe this blunt symbol is not needed any more. A commentator on YouTube said, “We are Europe and not our politicians”. He’s right.

Photo: Lena at the press conference after her victory. Photographer: Vincent Hasselgård, Aktiv I Oslo.no, under following CC-Lizens.

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