It’s Time… for a European Energy & Environmental Agency

, by JEF Europe

It's Time… for a European Energy & Environmental Agency

JEF Europe condemns the position taken by the governments of some Member States of the European Union, including Italy and Poland, on the reduction of the CO2 emissions and the energy consumption as well as the promotion of renewable sources of energy by 2020 (20-20-20).

These positions aim to hinder the implementation of a decision unanimously taken in March 2007 by the European Council. Moreover, these governments threaten to use their veto right even if the matter is clearly submitted to a co-decision procedure.

National egoisms and nearsighted reasoning prevent to address the concerns of the European public opinion and the international scientific community on global warming, which are supported by reliable in-depth studies, and to defend the deep interests of the European citizens, of humankind, and of future generations, affirmed Samuele Pii, President of JEF-Europe.

Moreover, the costs found in the records do not consider the enormous damages that could be avoided by containing the trend of climate change nor the significant positive effects of technological innovations linked to the European ecologic reconversion on the manufacturing sector – including on employment, continued Pii.

JEF-Europe reaffirms its deep conviction that no country is able to efficiently address the global environment problems with unilateral measures and that the European Union is the only economic area in the world where it is possible to start the necessary ecological reconversion process of the world economy.

Hence, JEF-Europe considers that, instead of taking steps back, the European Union should move forward by:

- Creating a European Energy and Environmental Agency with autonomous powers and own means based on the model of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) that had the mission to rationalise the energy resources of that time and to regulate the production and consumption in two key sectors during the post-war reconstruction period.

- Assuming a leadership role in the ecologic reconversion of the world economy by speaking with a single voice and bringing its position to the United States, China, India and other newly industrialising nations.

Image: Gloval warming; Image showing temperature anomalies in 2005 relative to the 1951-1980 mean. Areas of white indicate no deviation from the mean. Colors ranging from yellow to red indicate warmer-than-average anomalies, and colors ranging from green to purple indicate cooler-than-average anomalies. Source:


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