Lisbon, the new diplomatic corps and federal Europe - commentaires Good signals about defence convergence from London and Paris, a small improvement for CFSP 2010-11-08T21:40:13Z 2010-11-08T21:40:13Z <p>Dear Roberta and dear Peter,</p> <p>Thanks for this article. I second your views that strenghtening the EDA is crucial to streamline the Member States' commitments to creating the proper capabilities for missions in the near abroad. Now, I must say that the CFSP/CSDP discourses are some of my favorit topics and I'm sure we can have fruitful discussions about that IRL.</p> <p>We are still quite dependent on multilateral commitments (often also with NATO) to emanate European values and mitigate conflicts - without being regarded as « interventionist » in a dominating fashion. However, there is still too much budget lost and wasted by duplicating defence and security R&D programmes running in parallel between nationa 'corporate champions'. In Italy they will sponsor Finmeccanica, and in the Netherlands it will be TNO Defence that gets more state attention.</p> <p>I don't know if you followed the news lately somewhat, but there has been a very positive indication of improved bilateral defence cooperation on the 2nd of November. On that day, President Sarkozy and PM David Cameron signed a new 'Defence Pact' that aims at sharing defence capabilities and collaboration in a range of vital strategic areas (nuclear testing, and even the sharing and joint management/maintenance costs for a common aircraft carrier by 2020). In fact, the present austerity measures that most governments imposed on themselves have this by-effect in the CFSP area. Some, like UK and France today, find ways to rationalize defence spending and harmonize (or merge) R&D and capacity-building, which was priorly separated or duplicated. Knowing the long-lasting poltical quarrels between the UK and France, it's a fine example how Europe can perform in a more coherent and efficient way. I pray for the multiplicator effect - it would certainly facilitate the objectives of the European Defence Agency.</p> <p>If you're interested in the details of the French-British 'defence deal', I recommend this FT article : <a href="" class="spip_url spip_out auto" rel="nofollow external"></a></p> <p>Best regards, Nico</p>