For a federalism of necessity - commentaires For a federalism of necessity 2012-06-09T17:10:46Z,04987#comment13579 2012-06-09T17:10:46Z <p>I agree with all of this. But what we need right now it is a concrete step forward by Germany on June 28th. A true YES to Eurobonds would be a real signal of European recovery. Unfortunately Germans do not look agreeing</p> For a federalism of necessity 2012-05-17T18:43:24Z,04987#comment13267 2012-05-17T18:43:24Z <p>I would agree with a goodly proportion of your analysis and let's not quibble about minor differences such as the efficacy of a financial transaction tax etc here.</p> <p>Where we part company completely is in the solution to the problem, ie federalism brought about by MEPs. I would suggest that there is absolutely no democratic mandate for such a move, indeed over the years we have had referendum results in France, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark against the current direction of travel despite urging of the governments of those countries. And let's not forget the refusal to hold referendums in a number of other countries for fear of the likely results.</p> <p>The current crisis has developed because politics has got ahead of economics ie the Euro should never have been launched as it was, as now agreed by Jacques Delors ( <a href="" class="spip_url spip_out auto" rel="nofollow external"></a> ) Additionally the controls put in place were ignored by everyone, indeed only one country (Luxembourg) actually fully met the conditions set down to join in the first place. With that in mind do you really want to take the last leap and move into a fully federal system with so little public acceptance of such a move ? What is the likely public response ?</p> <p>I would genuinely fear for public safety, not least of your problems would be political extremism from both left and right with associated wide scale lethal violence. Are you really so sure that the approximately 20% who voted for the National Front in the recent French elections would support you, what about the other nationalist parties around the Euro Zone ? Might you not be taking the final step which results in the final break up of all that you want in an explosion of violence ?</p> <p>From my other comments as you might expect I would never support the UK joining a Federal Europe and neither I believe would the overwhelming majority of my compatriots, but that is an issue for us and us alone. However, I do not want to see Europe condemned to the sort of cataclysm I anticipate if this federalist step is taken without some genuine democratic authorisation.</p> <p>Given the fundamental nature of the change I would sincerely urge you to directly ask the people what they want rather than simply using the discredited political elites who are so out of touch with the ordinary folk.</p> <p>A simple question asking the voters whether they want to join a United States of Europe and to cease to be independent countries is needed. Then there is no confusion about the result.</p> <p>Please do not repeat the mistakes of the past and carry on without a proper mandate.</p> <p>Yugoslavia should be at the front of your minds when you consider the way forward.</p>