The New Federalist Editorial Board 2018/19: Call for applications

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The New Federalist Editorial Board 2018/19: Call for applications

The New Federalist, the English version of the JEF webzine, is looking for editors! Are you keen to help run a Europe-wide online media with sister editions in four languages? Send your application to tnf at by 11:59pm CEST on Sunday, 30 September!

Who, what, when?

As the 12-month mandate for much of the current editorial board of The New Federalist is drawing to an end, we are recruiting a new editorial team. This time, we are also looking to address the upcoming European elections, with many new projects and several series of articles planned. The renewed team will tackle fake news and follow up on the main issues during the campaign, representing the voice of young Europeans. You may find descriptions of the tasks of each at the end of this page!

We expect editors to hold the position for a period of one year, starting from the beginning of October. The team will meet via Skype once a month, and additionally we will work together to arrange face-to-face meetings. All editorial board members are volunteers.

In addition to what it says in the job descriptions, all editorial team members are encouraged to write submissions about topics of their interest!

What should I do now?

Those interested are invited to send an application of no more than 1,000 words to tnf at In the letter, you are requested to describe any relevant past experience you have, and why you are interested in being in the editorial board. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to tnf at!

What positions are available?


  1. Coordinates the curation of content; issues monthly calls for articles
  2. Publishes articles on the website together with Communications Officers
  3. Writes monthly joint articles with an editor from another language edition
  4. Maintains connections with related media
  5. Plans initiatives for series of articles
  6. Organises real-life meetings for contributors twice a year in cooperation with the editors of other language editions
  7. Leads the general strategic development of TNF and envisages future directions for the webzine; may recruit a team member tasked with this

Social Media Officer (x2)

  1. Together with Editors-in-Chief, publishes articles on the website
  2. Promotes TNF articles on social media (Facebook and Twitter; free to consider the use of other media)
  3. Posts other relevant content (from partners of TNF), with the indicative target of one Facebook post and three tweets a day
  4. Devices other ideas for accumulating an audience within and beyond the JEF network
  5. Runs the “opponent” system for the TNF Facebook page, i.e. when an article is posted, someone from the TNF team or wider JEF network is made to comment on the post, so as to increase social media engagement
  6. Takes care of arising technical difficulties on the TNF website and other platforms

Chief Translator (x3)

One for each of the major sister-editions of The New Federalist, i.e. French, German and one for the multilingual and other editions.

  1. Translates articles from sister editions into English; recruits other translators and coordinates their work
  2. Invited to make submissions concerning countries whose languages they speak, for example media roundups
  3. Seeks out submissions made to other publications in their language; translates for The New Federalist with original author’s permission

Headhunter (x1)

  1. Seeks for new authors from within and outwith the JEF network, including JEF sections, Universities (including young academics for essays to be published on TNF), UEF, European Movement International, JEF alumni
  2. Can make use of calls for articles when asking people to write some particular article

Interviews and Features Officer (Multimedia Journalist) (x1)

  1. Conducts interviews with politicians, academics and other relevant people; advises people who would like to conduct some of their own
  2. When possible, makes and curates video interviews and oversees the functioning of the TNF SoundCloud channel
  3. Prepares six or more reportages or video reports a year

Proofreader (x1)

  1. Together with the Editors-in-Chief, regularly checks submitted articles for grammar and sentence-structuring errors. A native or near-native level of English is required for this post.

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